The PPB proves its flexibility to scale products

The “Portable Powder Blending” (PPB) factory, marketed by the company of the same name belonging to Blendhub group, has started producing in Spain some of the latest products for dairy applications launched by Premium Ingredients, a company also integrated in Blendhub Corp. Specifically, the plant is producing a milk substitute for tea and a functional ingredient for almond milk, beside aromas in powder by injecting liquid aromas. Premium Ingredients has developed the entire production process of these new ingredients in the PPB so that the company can industrially implant these products anywhere in the world both quickly and independently of the production systems or knowledge of the operators in different countries. The start of production of these formulations proves the flexibility and effectiveness of PPB when scaling new products, with minimal risk, and introducing them into new markets.

The PPB, which can produce either manually or automatically, allows for the development of repetitive processes applicable in other such facilities anywhere in the world. This makes it possible for food powder blends producers to introduce new products to the market, with maximum efficiency during a very short development period, and to produce them near raw materials or distribution channels, reducing the risk of entering new markets, improving the supply chain and, ultimately, reducing the costs per kilo.

Currently, Portable Powder Blending has installed factories of this kind in both Spain and India. These facilities include liquid injection capability and allow packaging in different sizes, from 15 kg to 800 kg big bags, and in other formats on request of the customers.

Additionally, the factory requires only three operators, assuring companies the complete protection of their industrial property and the highest standards of quality. It has a modular design, which enables its transport on a 40-foot container and can be delivered to the customer, ready for production, in just six months from the time of order and only requiring as an infrastructure an electrical connection of 70Kw.

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