Premium Blendhub launches a novel advertising campaign to attract evangelists

Are you an agri- food professional with a passion for the impossible? Premium Blendhub is looking for you.

The company, a pioneer in the economic category SMART Powder Blends, has launched an innovative advertising campaign to attract evangelists for this new category and drive forward a new collaborative way-to-market.

The “Impossible” campaign is carried out entirely in digital media, especially Linkedin and Google Adwords, but it will also have a presence in specialized media for the food industry. In addition, Premium Blendhub has developed an online animated video for the Social Media in which they explain, in an entertaining way, the challenge proposed in “Impossible”. Those interested in this challenge can contact the company through the landing page of the campaign: Premium Blendhub stands for a different way to operate in the food industry and the “Impossible” campaign is a reflection of just that. ç

The company wants to contribute to the alignment of interests of all stakeholders in the sector to connect the supply chain with the distribution chain and help producers make better, safer and cheaper food. The new economic category SMART Powder Blends is a disruptive business model innovation with the potential to generate a radical improvement in the food industry and the only alternative to the “Black Box”, which is not liked by neither food producers nor raw material producers, as Premium Blendhub has been able to witness after a market study. SMART Powder Blends means immediate transparency, co-creation of opportunities and an exceptional opportunity to save costs. This can be done by using local raw materials, reducing import and transportation costs.

By avoiding the delay in the supply chain and minimizing the environmental impact. Moreover, it contributes to the creation of more socially friendly businesses, an increasingly important factor for today’s organizations. The uptake of evangelists is a novel and collaborative way to reach the market.

SMART Powder Blends’ evangelists will be professionals with extensive industry experience, with a passion for solving challenges and a valuable network of contacts that allows them to achieve fast and open feedback from senior decision makers in the food industry. To these unique professionals, Premium Blendhub also offers a unique opportunity: to be part of something different, a project able to challenge the statu quo of the food sector.


About Premium Blendhub

Premium Blendhub started from the union of Premium Ingredients (manufacturer of food ingredients) and Blendhub (manufacturer and marketer of “Portable Powder Blending”, the first portable powder ingredient mixing factory in the world).

As a pioneer of this new category of the agri-food industry, SMART Powder Blends, Premium Blendhub offers its clients a complete and renewed portfolio of services, with two central themes: Open, open formulation, and Anywhere, powder blending anywhere in the world and anywhere in the value chain, through “Portable Powder Blending”. The union of these two concepts will equip flexibility and transparency to an industry traditionally based on black boxes.