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Portable Powder Blending is an engineering company offering unique solutions with the aim of changing the food production concept from static to portable.

It is part of Blendhub Corp., a group of companies which creates solutions, services and equipment for the agrifood industry.

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PPB Company

Portable Powder Blending (PPB) is an engineering company within the Blendhub Corp. group specialized in modular and portable turnkey solutions for the agri-food industry.

Portable Powder Blending combines competence, skills and know-how based on our team’s many years of valuable experience in the Machinery and Powders sectors.

We aim to change the food production concept from static to portable using our unique delivery platform for food powder blends: “Portable Powder Blending” (PPB).

PPB is a complete portable factory concept, internationally patented and designed to meet the industry’s demand for powder blending solutions in all aspects of its business models and supply chains anywhere in the world. We are the only ones with these technology.

Explore “Portable Powder Blending” factory today and get immediate cost and efficiency improvements in your global powder handling.

We aim at changing the food production concept from static to portable using our unique delivery platform for food powder blends:  “Portable Powder Blending” (PPB).


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