Portable Powder Blending, new company marketing the portable factory from Blendhub Corp.

Modular solutions, portable and easy to apply for functional ingredient powder blends, being provided anywhere in the world and anywhere in the value chain.

Blendhub Corp. has set up the company Portable Powder Blending (PPB), which is integrated into the also newly created corporation to market its portable factory. The portable and modular designed factory for blending powdered ingredients from Blendhub Corp. has an international patent and receives the same designation as the company which markets it.

The Portable Powder Blending company has been created with the objective of providing the market the concept of a turnkey factory, supplied in a short period of time, with minimum infrastructure and investment, optimizing the supply chain and ensuring the protection of the client’s intellectual property. Its commitment is to provide unique and suitable solutions with the aim of bringing easily implemented modular solutions anywhere in the world and anywhere in the value chain.

Along with Portable Powder Blending, also forming part of the newly created Blendhub corporation are the companies Allfoodexperts and Premium Ingredients. These three companies, together with its six centers of excellence (Formulation, Blending and Packaging, Supply Chain, Quality, IT and Finance), allow the new corporation to provide a comprehensive response to all the companies operating in the sector of functional food powder blends.

Blendhub Corp. specializes in the formulation and blending of food powders, creating solutions, services, and equipment for the agri-food industry. Its PPB factory allows food powders blenders and food producers to enter into new markets or expand production in those where they are already present, with a minimal infrastructure cost.

The portable factory of Blendhub Corp. has tested quality control systems, ensuring full traceability of each lot produced, from the receipt of raw materials to the arrival of the final product to the user. It also facilitates the reduction of the carbon footprint since the concept of mobility allows the plant to be placed wherever it is most beneficial not only for businesses but also for the environment, optimizing the supply chain and the logistics of raw materials and finished products.

The factory also currently has two additional modules that allow the packaging of different sizes, ranging from 15 kilograms to “big bags” of 800, or the injection of liquid into the blend of powdered ingredients.