Food Powder Blends Anywhere

Portable Powder Blending is an engineering company offering unique solutions with the aim of changing the food production concept from static to portable.

It is part of Blendhub Corp., a group of companies which creates solutions, services and equipment for the agrifood industry.

Operating process

Capacity range

Portable Powder Blending is perfectly designed with maximum line efficiency through the use of a unique horizontal process flow with dedicated LEAN optimization combined with a wide range of applied and tested product blends. This thereby achieves a high volume and economy of scale at a single shift operation of 2000 MT/Year to a multiple shift operation of up to 6000 MT/year.

Portable Powder Blending has a mixing capacity of 600 liters per batch and 5 batches per hour, allowing very high productivity for a wide range of products.





portable powder blengin: weighing Portable Powder Blending incorporates an automatic control of the ingredients both for the type and weight of each raw material. They are dened and checked by an optical reader and digital scales, providing labelling and record to achieve total traceability for the following steps.

All the discharging data are registered in the system as well as on the specic batchtainer to ensure the correct formulation and avoid errors.

portable powder blengin: weighing A second verication through optical readers is carried out, ensuring that the ingredients are related to the batch. Loading in the shifting system to go to the container, controlled by radio-frequency in order to ensure the traceability during the rest of the process.

Any product passes through a sieve (sifter) to avoid any foreign elements in the blend.

Additionally, Portable Powder Bleding has a liquid injection module which permits the injection of up to ten dierent liquids in a totally automated process; from the loading of raw materials to the injection into the mixing stage, in which the liquid, even medium to high viscosity liquids, is treated like any other ingredient.

portable powder blengin: weighing Ingredients are blended through a double system of mixer an intensifer which optimizes time, ensuring homogeneity and quality.

The blending unit is designed to use multiple variables such as dierent speeds on main shaft and intensiers in order to optimize individual kinds of products.

portable powder blengin: weighing The modular system of Portable Powder Blending includes the possibility of packaging in bags, big bags or single doses.

Two very important measures have been taken in this last step of the production in order to ensure a full compliance with maximum: a sample is taken and analyzed from every batch produced and all bags are transferred through a metal detector which ensures the lack of metallic particles in the final product.


Portable Powder Blending gives any Agri-food company or entrepreneur a unique opportunity for supplying more sustainable raw materials throughout the industry by lowering the carbon footprint on final products.

Low carbon footprint has become an increasingly important ingredient in the minds and conscience of consumers today. This, in a competitive market, naturally, will drive the industry and retailers to constantly search for innovative ways of lowering the carbon footprint on all consumer products.

Portable Powder Blending can, through its unique mobile concept, blend raw materials wherever it is most beneficial for a food business and for the environment, simply by optimizing transport and logistics of both raw materials and finished goods.

The sustainable Portable Powder Blending factory adds clear value to your business anywhere.




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