New PPB high viscosity liquids injection system

Allowing the injection of products with viscosities above 15,000 cPs at room temperatures preserving their properties and obtaining a perfectly homogeneous powder end product.

Portable Blending Powder (PPB), a Blendhub Corp. company, has expanded the capabilities of the liquid injection system of their PPB plant for blending ingredients. The new system includes the capacity to process and inject medium to high viscosity liquids. The design allows the injection of products with viscosities above 15,000 centipoises (cPs) at room temperature, such is the case of lecithins, fats, almond paste, etc. The ingredients maintain their properties and quality intact since they do not suffer overheating during the process.

The liquid injection module of PPB is installed in the blending plant through connectors, simply and without performing any additional procedures. It permits the injection of up to ten different liquids in a totally automated process; from the loading of raw materials to the injection into the mixing stage, in which the liquid is treated like any other ingredient, with the same guarantees of traceability.

For more than six months, PPB performed very successful tests with their new liquid injection system, using several tons and different ingredients, with liquid injection rates above to 50%, in some cases. The results showed an improvement in the quality and functionality of the end product, a reduction of up to 30% in processing times, under six minutes in the case of liquids and pastes, which is an important industrial cost saving.

Moreover, to facilitate the performance of the final product, the PPB’s liquid injection module is very easy to clean thanks to its compact design, making the cleaning process less than an hour, which gives it great flexibility when using different liquids in several processes.

The portable and modular PPB plant, with its liquid injection system, offers food ingredients and blends producers a competitive cost per kilo, because of its low investment, high efficiency, and reliability.

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