Food Powder Blends Anywhere

Portable Powder Blending is an engineering company offering unique solutions with the aim of changing the food production concept from static to portable.

It is part of Blendhub Corp., a group of companies which creates solutions, services and equipment for the agrifood industry.

Fanatical Customer Service

As company integrated in the Blendhub Corp. group Portable Powder Blending pays special attention to the treatment of their clients, both in pre- and after-sales services:


The Portable Powder Blending team understands the specic requirements in both engineered solutions as well as the necessary product related functionalities. This combined with the access to a full-scale “pilot” plant; our team can ensure that solutions, adaptations and special product applications are tested and validated in real-time, real capacity and real conditions. This plant is also used for product R&D, validation of new products as well as optimizing process steps. The Portable Powder Blending pre sales engineering services include:

  • Assisting you in preparation for the installation, for example, ensuring that the project is seamlessly integrated into your facility.

  • For customers requiring non-standard features, we specically help them validate the feasibility as well as the introduction of the solutions in our patented concept, in order to ensure the optimal outcome whilst retaining the important benets of a faster time to market, supply chain optimization, IP protection, traceability, quality, safety, exibility and modular design.

  • In cases that require even higher capacities/output, we do have the capability to add/replace modules in the Portable Powder Blending plant both in the process as well as in the upstream and downstream handling of products. All solutions will be maintained in a modular and containerized design, complementing the range of the Complete Factory Concept.


Once you have implemented a Portable Powder Blending factory, we also assist in the upgrading and safe introduction of new process technology and technical solutions for our patented process solution.

Maximum uptime, highest line eciency, reliable components, easily accessible parts, fast and on-time service as well a process optimization are naturally part of an after-sales model for modern process technology.

After-sales is more than spare-parts and service visits. The Portable Powder Blending after sales and service concept naturally allows for on-site visits or even faster on-line support. In the rare event that a service engineer is required on-site we guarantee prompt response. The full package of services is wider and more advanced with regards to product and technology development, innovation as well as potential business optimizations throughout the value chain. Nevertheless, we intend to meet your demands anywhere anytime.

Human error or inadequate training are the most common causes of operating problems, problems that in most cases can be solved by one of our experienced service engineers providing advice over the phone.

Our customized service and audit contract is the optimum way to organize the preventive maintenance of your equipment. We check your equipment, carry out adjustments and repairs if required, provide advice on optimization and issue a condition report.

Additionally, for those clients who would rather benet from the factory without investing in CAPEX or OPEX, paying only a price per kilo fee, we have dierent modalities of agreements where we handle the plant and all its additional features and services.


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