Food Powder Blends Anywhere

Portable Powder Blending is an engineering company offering unique solutions with the aim of changing the food production concept from static to portable.

It is part of Blendhub Corp., a group of companies which creates solutions, services and equipment for the agrifood industry.

Complete turnkey solution


Portable Powder Blending is a delivery platform enabling to produce high quality food powder blends to anybody, anywhere in the world and the supply chain. With the support of Blendhub Corp., it includes a completely integrated portfolio of services, many available 24/7 in the cloud.

Among others, Blendhub Corp. services to support Portable Powder Blending include formulation and application, mapping of where to find raw materials for any formulation, Quality Control online in the cloud of each ingredient and the blended product, NIR library creation, supply chain management, online IT process control of the delivery platform and an operational model including adapted reporting and the connection to your ERP and a final project offer which can be fully executed and financed by Blendhub Corp.

Transported in a 40 foot container, the Portable Powder Blending factory can be fully operational in less than six months with models where no or low investment is needed.

It can be moved to the location which respond to the supply and demand of food powder blends at the lowest possible price.

In the agri-food sector, companies usually have to deal with most of the processes along the value chain. Portable Powder Blending, with the support of Blendhub Corp., integrates them all by connecting all the activities that are necessary for anyone to blend from the identification of the raw material to the final packaging and delivery, offering transparency in raw material costs and origin, transport costs, import taxes, manpower and energy costs, and so much more to increase food safety, enable lower costs and removes risk.

Due to its flexibility, this factoty guarantees fast entry in new markets for companies producing B2B or B2C products, allows an agile opeation and to reduce response times. Also, it meets all the standards to safely and with full- traceability produce food powder blends, and offers a sustainable production model, lowering carbon foot print.



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