Blendhub’s automatic liquid injection system proves its efficacy in producing nutritional components and flavours

The automatic liquid injection system developed by the company Blendhub for its “Portable Powder Blending” factory is being used by various food companies to manufacture new products, demonstrating its utility in contexts where flexibility is required. Specifically, this technology, introduced just a few months ago, has been requested by a German company specializing in nutritional components to introduce a complex product in the country’s market, as well as a Swiss company dedicated to the development of flavours.

The liquid injection module of the “Portable Powder Blending” is installed in the blending plant through connectors according to the client needs, and is able to inject up to ten different liquids such as fats, oils, vitamins, food colorings, etc. into the powder blend as an additional ingredient without requiring changes or modifications in the portable factory.

The ability to add liquid to the powder blends in an automated way and the flexibility of this system are the two most highly valued aspects by the companies that demand this technology.

Blendhub currently has a portable plant installed in Spain, and is delivering orders that require liquid injection to Germany within just ten days, while these blends are being made with absolute precision, since the liquid injection system of the “Portable Powder Blending” has a software which controls process parameters such as the timing and quantities, or the provisions of liquid slosh and heating which require some products.

In addition, the Blendhub liquid injection module is designed to ensure maximum safety and traceability conditions throughout the process.