PPB in 15inno’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies

Renowned expert in open innovation, Stefan Lindegaard, has recently included Premium Ingredients (mother company of PPB) in his list of “Top 10 of Today’s Most Unpredictable, Innovative Companies”. The list is published in Lindegaard’s blog 15inno.

In the same post, he considers that: “Companies need to become competitively unpredictable if they want to stay relevant during these fast-paced times of business, innovation and change. Creating a strong and sustainable innovation culture is key for this to happen”.

Lindegaard is a Copenhagen-based author, speaker and strategic advisor who focuses on the topics of open innovation, innovation culture and communication for innovators. He has written four books and is now preparing another. Lindegaard seeks companies such as Premium Ingredients / ppb that meet the following criteria as he explains in his blog:

  • A strong desire and willingness to experiment on how they innovate and bring products and services to market.
  • An empowered workforce that has been trained in the skills needed to make innovation happen.
  • An ability to inspire others and drive relevant change in their industry