Blendhub develops a new automatic liquid injection module for its Portable Powder Blending factory

The “Portable Powder Blending” factory of Blendhub incorporates the automatic liquid injection into the food powders blending process. The company has developed a parallel module, which is installed into the plant through connectors, according to customer needs, and is able to inject up to ten different liquids  as an additional ingredient, such as fats, oils, vitamins, food colorings, etc.,  without requiring modifications in the portable factory.

This feature allows the addition of the amount of liquid required into the blend at precise times, because the new module contains a software program that automates the process parameters of liquid addition, such as the timing and quantities, like in the provisions of liquid slosh and heating, which require some raw materials, for instance certain fats. In addition, the liquid injection module is designed to ensure maximum safety and traceability conditions throughout the process.

The liquid injection system is the second improvement implemented in the portable plant in recent months following the addition of a “big bags” packaging system, which allows to package quantities of 300 to 800 kg of powder products.

The “big bags” system is compatible with the packing in sacks between 15 and 25 kg, which already incorporates the factory, and is attached through an additional module, giving the “Portable Powder blending” more flexibility without altering its operation.