Food Powder Blends Anywhere

Portable Powder Blending is an engineering company offering unique solutions with the aim of changing the food production concept from static to portable.

It is part of Blendhub Corp., a group of companies which creates solutions, services and equipment for the agrifood industry.

Complete Turnkey Solution

Standardised Delivery Platform

  • Fast Market Entry.
  • Fully Operational in 6 months.
  • B2B / B2C solutions.
  • Fully Flexible to move operation on demand.

Commercial Optimisation - Food Powder Blends - Anywhere

  • Lower cost.
  • Operation at correct location in world value chain.
  • Agile Operation and Reduced response time.
  • No Risk.


  • Industry Standard Design.
  • Highest Food Quality.
  • Full Traceability.
  • Lower Carboon Foot Print.


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